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Do homeless drug addicts often enjoy privileges denied to law abiding citizens?

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Recent National Stories

As Biden's Foreign Policy crumbles, his border crisis hasn't got any better
30 mins ago

Rather than secure the border, the Biden Administration wants to censor Fox News for covering his failure...

Could Afghan refugees bring America a whole new pandemic?
21 hours ago

America is doing its best to fight covid, but will the flood of refugees from Afghanistan bring...

Biden Wants To Give The IRS The Power To Spy On Your Bank Accounts
21 hours ago

The IRS loves to have access to your bank accounts to make sure Uncle Sam gets a...

America's Top General Brags About Collaborating With China Against The Commander-in-Chief
3 days ago

Did one of America’s top Generals commit treason against the President? According to "Peril," a new book by...

Beijing Biden To Make It Cheaper To Do Business In China Than In America
3 days ago

While the world is trying to bounce back from a pandemic that has not only killed hundreds...

Record Job Openings, Millions Unemployed...Yet Businesses Can’t Find Workers?
1 week ago

Employment numbers have been sluggish to bounce back, and I think it’s because the federal government is...

Recent Northwest Stories

Get Ready For A Long, Cold Dark Winter Made Worse By NW Government
1 day ago

It’s turned chilly over the last few days here in the Northwest. If you’re like me, you...

A Great Pacific NW Company Just IPO'd For A Fortune
2 days ago

Dutch Bros, the super hip Starbucks competitor that started in Grants Pass Oregon has just become publicly...

NORTHWEST: Stop Paying People To Not Work
4 days ago

The unemployment benefits have run out for many Americans in the Northwest, and without a surprise, people...

More Freedoms Stripped Away From You In The Name Of Safety
1 week ago

Our so called leaders are failing but as they do, they strip away more freedoms. Lars gives...

Vaccine Mandates Threaten Employee Shortages In The Healthcare Industry
1 week ago

Are Oregon & Washington going to be too short on healthcare professionals because of vaccine mandates? Lars speaks...

NORTHWEST: Tax Dollars Used To 'Un-Convict' Criminals
2 weeks ago

The time was when we paid the cops to arrest criminals, and prosecutors to prosecute them. Now...

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