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Should the transportation secretary of the U.S. take two months off for paternity leave during a supply chain crisis?

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LIFE OR DEATH: Parkland School Shooting Suspect To Plead Guilty
20 hours ago

Nick Cruz, the man accused of the massacre at Parkland High school in Florida has decided to...

Did Zuckerbucks Help Swing The 2020 Election?
2 days ago

How did $419 million from Facebook’s Mark Zucker help to swing the 2020 U.S. election for Biden...

Does giving a student an F make the teacher a racist?
3 days ago

A Middle School in Minnesota will no longer hand out "F" grades to students who turn in...

Has China's cybersecurity surpassed our own?
4 days ago

China makes most of the world’s cell phones and computers, but have they also cornered the market...

Biden's "Build Back Better" Meant Keeping The Unemployed At Home
5 days ago

With companies desperately looking for employees, why are our job numbers still in the tank? For more information, Lars...

Let's Discuss How You Can Combat Big Tech's Censorship
1 week ago

How can Americans fight back against the censorship of Big Tech? For more information, Lars speaks with Joe...

Recent Northwest Stories

Oregon's proposed interstate tolling scheme
20 hours ago

Lars kicks off First Amendment Friday on today's Radio Northwest Network (10/15/2021) by sharing his thoughts on...

It's The Lawyers Job To Find Excuses For Criminals, Not Prosecutors
2 days ago

Let me tell you about a crazy idea from a northwest prosecutor who thinks it’s his job...

PORTLAND: You Can Thank Your Spineless Mayor For Surge In Crime
3 days ago

One year ago, Feckless Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tried to defend the massive cut he had made...

Seattle Prepare To Lose 1/3 Of All Cops
4 days ago

The Seattle Police Department says 292 sworn officers have yet to submit their proof of vaccination, an...

NORTHWEST: Is it possible to make water out of air?
5 days ago

Would you believe there’s a way to suck drinking water out of the air? Lars speaks with...

RIP Oregon's Death Penalty?
1 week ago

On today's Radio Northwest Network (10/07/2021), we have an exclusive: citizens passed Oregon’s death penalty, not once...

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