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Do you support adding 87-thousand agents to the IRS (as the bill Joe signs today does)?

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Is Hunter Biden really under a federal investigation?
4 days ago

FBI Director Christopher Wray was called by the Senate Judiciary Committee to talk about Hunter Biden, will...

How bad is catalytic converter theft right now?
4 days ago

Catalytic converters can be worth a ton of cash, so of course criminals have been stealing them...

Just how far will American companies go to kow tow to communist China
4 days ago

Following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taipei, in order to appease the ChiCom bullies, Apple has...

Should a celebrity get special treatment when it comes to US policy?
1 week ago

U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner was convicted Wednesday of possession of drugs and sentenced to nine years...

Should Nancy Pelosi make a trip to Taiwan?
2 weeks ago

Nancy Pelosi is set to make a stop in Taiwan, despite warnings from Biden Administration who are...

Biden Wants To Give The IRS $80 Billion From Taxpayers To Go After Small Businesses
2 weeks ago

Democrat Joe Biden wants the federal government to hire 86,852 new employees for the IRS. This would...

Recent Northwest Stories

How Did The Oregon Fire Map Come Out So Wrong?
1 week ago

You’ll hear lots of stories today about “Oregon's plan to address the threat of wildfires”...only it's not...

Lars Larson Candidate Endorsements 2022 Mid-Term Elections
2 weeks ago

It's that time again folks! Lars gives you his picks, and reasons for the 2022 Mid-Term elections...

Chuck Wiese Comments On Dr. Douglas Frank Video
4 weeks ago

This is a video by Dr. Douglas Frank on elections, frequent show contributor, Chuck Wiese had a...

The Late Great Mark Hatfield's Son, "He Wouldn't Recognize Oregon Or Portland"
1 month ago

This week would have marked the 100th birthday of a man who did so much for the...

Chuck Wiese Talks About A Year Without Summer
2 months ago

TheLarsLarsonShow · Chuck Wiese-Is the NW going to have a year without a Summer?   Written by...

The Lars Larson Show Celebrating 25 Years On KXL
3 months ago

Love him or hate him, this week marks 25 years of The Lars Larson Show on KXL...

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