The Lars Larson Challenge Coin

Over the years, I’ve received Challenge Coins from military service members, and I’ve never had one to exchange (I owe some rounds to some folks out there!). So I decided to do something about it. I worked with a veteran-owned and operated company called Coin Master Designs, who helped me design my very own personalized Challenge Coin. And even better, we’ve dropped the price, and made these coins available to YOU for sale for a respectable $17.76! Proceeds from the sales go to Coin Master and back into more coins. Click the “Buy Now” button below to buy your very own Lars Larson Challenge Coin!




How can we better protect our kids in school? What is the latest on the wall and American border security? How much government red tape did California add in just the last year? Why are we tolerating teachers getting assaulted by their students? Why are residents in border states hesitant to report illegals? Should we be more worried about the amount of teens who are smoking or vaping?