Schools In Oregon’s Capital Are Failing Your Kids

Voters in Oregon’s 2nd largest school district, Salem Keizer, have no one to blame but themselves for the education train wreck going on now.

They elected the school board members who cut a deal with union teachers that ran the district into a financial ditch.

Now, Salem Keizer plans to cut 400 positions including a bunch of teachers.

Let me see if I understand this right:

The schools produce bad results.  By their own numbers, one kid in five drops out.  

Of those who remain, about half of them make adequate marks in reading, writing and math.  But it doesn’t really matter, ‘cause Oregon no longer requires any of that to get a diploma.

Students get a substandard education.  Teachers, in the latest deal, get a 10% raise.

And your kids pay the price. 

The next move on this chess board: the school district will go to voters and demand more money.  

Want a solution?  Vote the next levy down.  Vote in a new slate on the school board that won’t kick your kids to the curb to keep the unions happy.

And sign the initiative petition now circulating to grant families school choice.

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