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The Lars Larson Show Team

-Executive Producer  Donovan Sargent-

Donovan Sargent is a native of Portland and the Northwest; he was born in 1980 at OHSU.  After graduating High school he went to Oregon State University, studying computer science and applied mathematics before his father passed away, forcing him to leave after his first year to help his mom pay the bills. He held several jobs over the years, mostly in tech support and standard labor jobs, he decided to go back to school in 2015 and joined Mt. Hood Community College’s integrated media and radio broadcasting degree program.

While taking his classes, he applied for an internship at FM News 101.1 KXL in Portland where he was introduced to Lars, and hired on as Lars’ phone screener. After some changed in staffing and a lot of hard work, Donovan took the roll of executive producer from Carl Sundberg when he left the show in 2018. Donovan is an active hunter, fisherman and political commentator, working on and producing his own political podcasts and media.

If you want to book a guest, please contact Donovan through the web form.


-Associate Producer McKenzie Prunty-

McKenzie Prunty is the youngest on Lars’ team, born in 1998 in Portland, Oregon. Along with working beside Lars Larson she is also working on getting her Marketing degree at Portland State University. She’s worked in the radio business for four years now; starting out on the street team moving on up as an engineer for the Portland Timbers and serving seven stations to then her hard work landing her a position on Lars’ team. In less than four months, she was promoted from phone screener to Associate producer.

McKenzie is passionate about all things water and snow sports and finding her voice in the political news.

-Junior Producer Bryce Wells-

Bryce Wells, born in 1994 at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, OR but raised in Albany OR has stuck to his roots and lived in the Pacific Northwest for the majority of his life.  After graduating from West Albany High School in 2012, he started at LCC in Eugene but finished at the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017.

Shortly after his graduation, Bryce took a Flood Insurance job in Mississippi writing claims following the destruction of Hurricane Harvey and Irma in the south, giving him the professional writing experience he had been searching for.  After finishing his work, he returned home and moved to Portland in December of 2018 looking for a job that was relative to his degree. Bryce’s interests led him to Alpha Media USA where he began working for the Promotions and Audio Engineering departments.  Three months into his new positions at Alpha, Lars offered an opportunity to Bryce to work as a producer on his show. After attending a University in a mainly liberal county, Bryce brings a balanced perspective of political views and policies he supports. He is an active frisbee golfer, sports enthusiast, cinefile and is currently creating his own podcast.

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