Battle of the Sexes: Senator Proposes Genetic Divide in School Sports

Washington State Senator Phil Fortunato is sparking a controversial conversation by proposing a unique approach to school sports – one based on genetics rather than traditional gender categories. Seeking a middle path, Fortunato’s Senate Bill 6116 aims to address concerns about fairness and equity in sports competitions, particularly in the context of transgender athletes.

Breaking away from the conventional women’s and men’s sports divisions, the bill advocates for determining how athletes compete based on their biological sex. Fortunato, a Republican from Auburn, emphasizes the undeniable biological differences between the sexes that need to be considered. According to the proposed legislation, individuals born with an XX designation would compete with others sharing XX chromosomes and identifying as female. Similarly, those born with XY chromosomes would compete against fellow XY contestants identifying as male.

The bill recognizes the complexity of gender identity by allowing individuals with an identity differing from their biological sex to still compete. However, they would compete alongside athletes who share both biological and sociological expressions, offering a nuanced perspective on inclusivity and competitive fairness.

Curious to hear Senator Phil Fortunato discuss this groundbreaking proposal in detail? Click here to listen to the full interview on the Lars Larson Show.