Portland Public Schools Needs To Be Taught Their Responsibilities To Students And The Community

Someone at Portland Public Schools needs to go to jail when a 9 year old girl is “gang” raped in a school bathroom and the school decides NOT to call police.

Oregon’s mandatory reporting law makes FAILURE to report even SUSPECTED sexual abuse a CRIME.

A new lawsuit says the 9 year old girl was coerced into a school bathroom, stripped and raped by two boys, two years ago.

The father of one of the boys, God Bless him, found out what they had done and reported it to PPS.

Then, PPS decided NOT to call the police, did its own investigation and, get this, suspended the boys for a single day. 

“Bad, boys…you get a slap on the hand for rape”.

The girl’s father immediately tried to get his daughter moved to another school and away from her rapists.  

PPS took a month to get THAT done.  

Apparently, the #MeToo philosophy hasn’t reached the halls of Portland Public Schools.

Now, the schools face a 9-million dollar lawsuit from the girl’s family and, frankly, I hope they win. 

Reporters should be demanding schools identify all the officials who violate the mandatory reporting law.

Do you need any MORE reasons to get your kids out of toxic, government run schools where they’re not learning and literally in danger?