The Government And Media Love Making Something From Nothing

When I started in radio news a long time ago, most stories we did concerned real things.

These days we do a stunning number of stories about things that DON’T exist.

Trans women…who aren’t women, Palestinians from a non-existent country,  and “mostly peaceful” protests that killed 3 dozen and did 3 billion in damage.

More recently, the White House lectures us: inflation isn’t a problem, your paycheck really 

IS bigger than it was three years ago, and violent crime ain’t rising.

Oh, and that Southern Border…totally secure.  Do not believe your lying eyes.

President Trump found guilty of fraud in a trial with no victims and no losses.

And then you have student loans: Almost 2 trillion dollars owed and many students don’t 

want to pay it back.

Almost a year ago, the Supreme Court informed Joe Biden “you don’t have the right to 

forgive those loans.

But Biden’s desperate to win another term…so he announced yesterday he will pay off debts 

of 25-million Americans with authority he doesn’t have…and money that doesn’t exist.