Hidden Agendas: John Kerry’s Climate Office Exposed

Joe Biden promised the most transparent administration in American history, yet his climate office run by John Kerry refuses to disclose the names of anyone on his super-high paid staff?

Daniel Turner, the president of Power the Future, joins the conversation to dissect the latest revelations. President Biden pledged the most transparent administration in American history, yet Kerry’s climate czar office seems to be veiling crucial information about its well-compensated staff. Turner unveils details obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, providing a rare glimpse into Kerry’s fiefdom that racks up $4.3 million in taxpayer-funded salaries per year.

Intriguingly, Kerry’s climate czar office discloses limited information, redacting names and titles of eight top aides earning up to $186,680 annually. The 27 entries, ranging from “policy analyst” to “senior advisor,” leave the public in the dark about key figures in this influential office. Even the positions of deputy special envoys Rick Duke and Sue Biniaz, listed on Kerry’s Climate website, are notably absent in the Freedom of Information Act release.

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