Joe Biden’s Claim To History Eclipsed By Donald Trump

The BIG eclipse ain’t the sun today, folks.

The biggest eclipse happened in American politics Saturday night.

Nine days ago, Joe Biden claimed a history-making political fundraising record.

He did it by bringing together so many celebrities from the loony left.  

That Horny Hick from Arkansas, unindicted rapist Bill Clinton.  Barack Hussein Obama.  Queen Latifa, Lizzo and other freakish personalities from the world of entertainment.

25-million raised in a single day.

That record lasted for exactly seven days.  

Saturday night, Donald Trump eclipsed Ole Slo Joe.

He doubled-up on Joe’s campaign haul…bringing in 50 point 5 million bucks and the only celebrity was the best President of the 21st Century.

The President who didn’t wreck the economy, didn’t get us into expensive new wars, and didn’t declare a domestic war on fuel and energy.  

The same Donald Trump who saw his own personal net worth go down by a billion dollars…while the Biden Crime Family made millions selling us out to Communist China and Putin’s Russia.

Why do you think Trump leads the polls, while Biden screws up your life?