You Better Like Living In The Dark & Cold If You Live In Washington State

We keep getting warnings about the crazy energy future our government masters have planned for us.

Washington’s state building code council just voted to effectively ban natural gas in new homes and buildings.

I say “effectively” because officially, natural gas heat isn’t forbidden…except that the new building standards require a level of efficiency that can only be met by electric heat pumps.

So, you’re allowed to have any natural gas furnace or water heater that meets standards that can’t possibly be met.

So, they’re pushing you to use electricity…in a region where the electric grid is more fragile than ever.

Forecasts predict electric blackouts when rain, temperatures and supply collide. 

A region where the government is already pushing people to electrify their ride by trading in gas cars and trucks for battery buggies.

All of this while the federal government is negotiating with environmental groups in secret to tear out the four snake river dams that supply 8 percent of the electricity in the region. 

If you want to know why the President demands America tie its energy future to Chinese Communist made solar panels and windmills…A congressional committee has bank records showing Joe got some of the cash paid by the ChiComs. 

Joe Biden…bought and bribed by his buddies in Beijing.