Would Washington Democrats rather your kids get killed than admit they’re wrong?

The failure of House Bill 1363 relating to law enforcement vehicular pursuits to reach the House floor for a full debate and vote has caused frustration and disappointment for Rep. Eric Robertson, R-Sumner, and many concerned citizens, local governments, and businesses across the state.

In a statement released following the procedural motion on the House floor, Robertson expressed his disappointment and concern that public safety is not being given a higher priority. The bill aims to address the growing problem of lawlessness and dangerous driving in communities around the state by providing law enforcement with more tools to pursue and stop dangerous drivers.

Unfortunately, Robertson’s motion was denied, and the Legislature will not act on this vital policy this session. The lack of action on this issue raises the question: what are the priorities of the Washington Democrats, who controls the House and Senate? Would they rather put citizens at risk than admit they are wrong? For more information, Lars speaks with Washington State Rep. Eric Robertson (R-Sumner 31st District).