Will Robots Steal Our Jobs? Let’s Talk About It!

We’ve all heard the buzz about AI taking over our jobs. It’s like déjà vu from the days when people thought machines would steal their livelihoods during the Industrial Revolution. But hang on a second, is this fear justified, or is it just another case of new tech jitters?

Every time a groundbreaking technology waltzes onto the scene, it brings along its own set of fears and uncertainties. Back in the day, it was machines; now, it’s all about AI, especially the chatty ones like ChatGPT. According to a recent poll, more folks (about 22% to be precise) are now worried about their jobs becoming obsolete due to tech, up from 15% in 2021. Yep, that’s a lot of worried eyebrows!

Surprisingly, this fear might not be such a bad thing after all. It’s like a friendly nudge, pushing us to adapt and learn new skills. Remember how computers were supposed to make us jobless? Well, they did change the game, but they also created tons of new opportunities. AI might just do the same, shaking things up but also paving the way for fresh, exciting job roles we haven’t even imagined yet.

Lars spoke with Tabitha Scott, author and futurist, about this whole AI gig. Want to hear Tabitha spill the beans on how AI is changing the game? Click the link below and join the conversation.