Egard Watch Company Says It’s Time To Stand Against The Trans Agenda

Egard Watches launched its latest “Timeless Values” advertisement entitled “Erased.”  Aimed at woke companies such as Nike and Budweiser, the ad depicts an African-American female runner, training for years to outdo her competition and emerge as the best runner in the world.  She is about to realize her dream when the camera zooms in on the stubble-face of a transgender runner who will undo all of her hard work.  “This ad is necessary to demonstrate the inequality and injustice that is being perpetrated on female athletes—and women in general.  We care when women are mistreated in the workplace, but athletes who have practiced and sacrificed for many years are told to shut up, said Ilan Srulovicz, founder and CEO of Egard Watch Co. 

See the full ad below, or listen to the interview: