Want To Hurt People And Have The Police Ignore You In Portland? Call Yourself ANTIFA

What’s it say about a city’s police protection when a group of Antifa terrorists stages an attack on a political rally…literally on the doorstep of Police headquarters and it takes 20 minutes for the cops to even show up?

That’s Portlandia under its current leadership, Feckless Mayor Ted Wheeler and Cop hating city commissioner JoAnn Hardesty.

Stan Pulliam, Mayor of Sandy,  and candidate for Governor brought a few of his supporters to downtown Saturday to make a point about the pathetic state of policing.

Antifa black bloc warriors attacked the group quickly with fireworks, smoke grenades and paint-filled balloons.

Two of Pulliam’s people were hurt by the mortars fired at them.

The location: Portland Central Precinct, a block from the Federal Building, Federal Courthouse and City hall.

Calls to 9-1-1 were put on hold for 20 minutes.

By the time officers arrived, Antifa had disappeared.

No arrests.  No real policing.

A quarter of a billion dollars a year spent on police in a city headed for a new record number of murders, and terrorists who can attack with impunity.

Police won’t act, city Hall refuses to fix it and citizens are left with the choice to defend themselves and face likely prosecution if they do.