Uncovering Allegations Made By The President’s Own Blood

In a shocking revelation, new documents disclosed by the House Ways and Means Committee have raised concerning questions about President Joe Biden and his family’s involvement with a Chinese energy company. According to these documents, President Biden’s brother, James Biden, informed the FBI about attempts made by the Biden family, including Hunter Biden, to assist a Chinese firm in acquiring U.S. energy assets. What’s more, they believed the company’s leader had direct ties to Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The details are alarming. James Biden disclosed that both he and Hunter Biden endeavored to aid the CEFC energy firm in China in purchasing a liquid natural gas facility on Monkey Island off the coast of Louisiana. He stated that he had a personal meeting with the company’s chairman, Ye Jianming, during this process. Disturbingly, Hunter Biden portrayed Chairman Ye as a protégé of President Xi, intensifying the potential implications of these dealings.

This revelation has sparked numerous questions and intense public interest. As citizens, it is our right to seek transparency and accountability from our leaders. To fully grasp the depth of this matter and explore the unanswered questions surrounding President Biden’s family involvement, we invite you to click the link below and listen to the entire interview with John Solomon from JustTheNews. The interview sheds light on the complexities of the situation, providing crucial context to this unfolding story.

Curiosity and vigilance are the cornerstones of a healthy democracy. Click below to access the full interview and stay informed about this pressing issue.