U-Dub Spikes Ball In The Face Of Female Athletes

Northwest Colleges just sent a devastating message to your athlete daughters.

Don’t bother with women’s sports and the scholarships they bring…you must compete with men, and they win a lot of the time.

The University of Washington only awards 12 women’s volleyball scholarships for its division 1 team…and only 11 of those 12 went to actual women.

One went to a man who says he identifies as female.

Brings a whole new spin to the “12th man” now, doesn’t it?

Who wins out of this nonsense?

The University of Washington demonstrates its woke political correctness.  The team likely benefits from the muscles and reach of a 6-foot man on the team.

God help your daughter if she catches a volleyball in the face spiked by this guy.

The LGBTQ crowd loves it, scoring another victory AGAINST women.

And who loses?

Every girl who dreams that volleyball, track-n-field, swimming, or some other sport pays the cost of her college.

And what do we hear from so-called “women’s rights” groups that fought for decades for Title 9 equal opportunities?

Crickets.  The National Organization for Women keeps its collective mouth shut.

It’s fair to say N-O-W identifies as silent.