Tina Kotek tells Oregonians No Driver’s License? No Problem!

Oregon gets strange messages from its elected leadership.

Take the news this week that Tina Kotek plans to forgive 10-thousand more drivers who had their drivers’ licenses suspended. 

These folks lost their licenses because they broke the law with offenses like speeding.

Then they failed to pay those tickets.

Eventually, that failure cost them a driver’s license.

And now, the Governor says that’s perfectly okay, no harm.

Yet most of us see evidence every day that the rules don’t apply to some.  

Unlicensed cars on the streets with tags expired for years.  Probably uninsured too.

Many of the people who got this unearned forgiveness didn’t even bother to reinstate their licenses.  Why should they?  Traffic enforcement has dropped dramatically.

The law now forbids police stopping you for anything short of probable cause that you committed an actual crime.

Meantime, speeding takes lots of lives every year…and leaves many more horribly injured.

And the message from a Governor elected on illegal campaign contributions funded by cybercriminals is…don’t worry about the rules.