Ted Wheeler Plans To Make His Homeless Problem Your Homeless Problem

Like the weather, everyone talks about the problem of drug-addicted squatters camping out in public places.

They leave human filth, dirty needles and often bring crime.

But with ballots in the mail to voters, folks like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler now want to make it LOOK like they’re actually doing something about it.

Wheeler plans three massive camping areas for up to 500 people each…not shelters, just room for tents and tarps.

Then, he claims he will ban camping in other areas and actually enforce the rule.

I’ll believe it when I see it.  

Ted is asking Multnomah County to help out.  

The same Multnomah County that we found out last week, handed out more than 33-thousand tents and tarps to the so-called homeless just last year….creating the very problem that Ted is now begging them to help him solve. 

Just wait till the Mayor informs some part of the city that it’s going to be the happy new home for 500 drug addicts and criminals.  I guarantee you Feckless Ted won’t put it in the high dollar neighborhoods.

Those in the poor neighborhoods may have to show up at city hall with pitchforks and torches…after all, it worked for Antifa.

People are already pulling up stakes and selling their homes in Portland because of tent campers nearby.

Now, imagine a small town of tents down the street from your home.