Ted Wheeler Has Decided You Get To Pay For Abortions, Like It Or Not

I know this is gonna sound insane, but here goes.

So, Texas passes a law to save the lives of unborn babies.

So, Portland’s Mayor offers up taxpayer dollars to kill them somewhere else.

I’m not exaggerating…just citing the facts.

Two years ago, Texas lawmakers, with huge public support banned the abortion of babies who have a heartbeat.  That’s about six weeks into pregnancy.

Two weeks ago, The Supreme Court cleared the law to go into effect.

This drove Portland liberals like Mayor Ted Wheeler to boldly announce a government boycott of all things Texas.

Well, that is until Feckless Teddy learned that his own boycott would leave city hall without computers and garbage service…since both are supplied by Lone Star companies.

So yesterday, Wheeler announced the boycott is off…but in its place, he’s offering hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for what city hall euphemistically calls “women’s reproductive health”.

    In the world of progressive math: if babies are saved in Texas, Portland pagans plan to make sure their deaths are made up somewhere else.

You can read the story in the Oregonian, HERE