Surprising No One, Oregon’s Democrats Break Their Latest Promise

One party control of any government means disaster for freedom loving citizens.

We can see the results today, as so-called “representatives” who belong to the democrat party reneged on a deal to share power with republicans who represent millions of Oregonians.

If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

The latest Census means Oregon has picked up population and with it, another seat in the U.S. Congress, making six in all.

When you redraw congressional districts, you’re supposed to balance the population.

Instead, the party of slavery gerrymandered the map…making the largely liberal Portland area part of two thirds of all the congressional seats.

Visualize this.  One of the proposed congressional districts starts in the “City of Riots”, goes right up over the mountains and includes the city of Bend, 180 miles away.

If that ain’t gerrymandering, I’ll invite naysayers to explain exactly what it is.

Now, I’ll remind you that House Speaker and Governor wannabe Tina Kotek made a promise to share power with the minority party.

It appears you can trust that democrat promise just about as much as last month’s promise by Joe Biden, to get all Americans out of Afghanistan…and not to drop drone missiles on small children.