Senator Patty Murray Makes It Clear She’s Happy To Waste Your Money

In a sick sort of way, you have to admire the gall of the Democrat U.S. Senator Patty Murry.

Lately, she brags about the 2/3rds of a billion she just scored for the latest failed project to replace the I-5 bridge over the Columbia.

The Senator admits she’s spent one-third of a century and lots of our money on that goal without accomplishing one damn thing.

The Vancouver Columbian quotes Murray today “We always ate up all the money and then never got anything done…”.

Now, THAT’S chutzpah.

The last I-5 bridge project wasted 190-million bucks and died a decade ago.

Imagine telling your boss, in this case voters, you’ve always blown all the dough with nothing to show, let’s throw another 600 million down a hole.

Promoters plan to start construction in 18 months…but admit a few missing pieces.

They don’t have the money, they don’t have the required sign off from the Coast Guard, the new bridge has the same number of traffic lanes as the current bridge so congestion continues, and it includes 2-billion for light rail with no riders.

Oh, and the price tag has gone up 50% in just a couple of years and backers warn this summer, you should expect it to jump again. 

Murray hints that “Afghanistan” Joe Biden might even visit the Bridge. 

Now THAT’S a sure sign of future failure.