PPS Teachers Strike Deserves A Failing Grade From Everyone

Thank God for First Amendment Friday because the lies of striking teachers and their labor union deserve a bold answer.

Striking teachers always tell you it’s “all about the kids”.  

Allegedly, this strike was to get class sizes down just a bit, but union teachers just gave that up and told the Portland district…keep class sizes the same and just pay us more.  Do any parents think that improves education, or just teachers’ bank accounts?

That’s just the deal Camas Washington teachers agreed to.  So they can make it look like they want better classroom sizes for kids…and then trade that for more pay.

By the way, top pay for the part-time job of teacher in Portland Public Schools is just short of 100-thousand bucks a year, plus generous benefits.

Governor Tina Kotek, an unabashed union supporter, got called out this week for staying on the sidelines during a strike that’s hurting kids.

So, predictably, she comes out with a statement saying she’s doing all she can.

Meanwhile, we now know kids won’t be back in class till after Thanksgiving, if then.

Graduating seniors point out they’re missing deadlines for early application to college.

And you still don’t have to know how to read, write or count to get a diploma.