Portland’s Teachers Are Striking Out, And Your Kids Are The Ones Who Lose

When it comes to strikes, ugly behavior surprises exactly no one .

Even teacher’s strikes. 

After all, how many labor unions get to threaten your kids to win bigger paychecks.

Monday, Portland schools made an hopeful offer to striking teachers.  

Teachers walked from the table and didn’t even offer a counter.

Instead, the union and its supporters blocked the Burnside bridge, jammed up traffic heading into a holiday and vandalized property.

Do you trust the education and safety of your children to that bunch?

I remember covering my first teachers’ strike.  Mistaken for a substitute, I heard language from teachers that would make Hunter Biden blush and saw windows smashed and rocks thrown. 

I guess times haven’t changed.

Kids have now been out of school a dozen class days and it seems likely the teachers’ paid vacation will last well past Thanksgiving.  

The union already admits its original demands of 200-million more than offered was ridiculous.

Their latest move?  Insisting parents have no say in class size.

They want much more, they will demand to be paid for the days they didn’t work and your kids fall even further behind.

Like I said, ugly…but your daughter still gets a diploma, even if she can’t read, write or count and Democrat politicians lock down those big union campaign dollars.