Portland’s Mayor Is Blowing Hot Air Over AC & Homeless

You really have to admire the chutzpah of the new socialists who run Portlandia.

When it gets hot this summer as it seems likely to do, they have some really cool plans…depending on who you are.

  Air conditioned homes have nearly doubled in the Rose City the last decade. 

But that still leaves more than a quarter-million working class folks who don’t even have a window unit. 

Feckless Ted Wheeler’s City Hall has no plans to fix it for THEM.

Those are citizens who actually contribute to the community and vote.  

That’s not Ted’s constituency.

If, on the other hand, you happen to be an unrepentant addict, living free of charge on city streets, and no plans to kick drugs anytime soon, Feckless wants to make sure YOU don’t break a sweat come July.

Those little garden sheds for the homeless that Wheeler and the city council have popping up around town…the ones that make “tiny” homes look like McMansions by comparison?  

THOSE will get air conditioning. 

And who’s gonna pay to put the chill on the addiction crowd?  

We are…the air conditioners and the electric bill that goes with ‘em.