Portland’s Mayor Feckless Ted Wheeler Arrests Common Sense

No police stops for “routine traffic infractions”?!

You’ve gotta be kidding.

Feckless Ted, Mayor and Police Commissioner says the police stop too many black citizens so they should be forbidden.

This very idea was introduced at the state legislature and even with Democrat majorities in both houses, it failed.

So, Portland’s IMPOSING the same law citizen representatives just rejected.

Mayor Feckless claims he wants police to focus on true safety risks.

Only a dummy like Ted could miss the fact that such stops often catch criminals wanted for arrest.

Serial killer Ted Bundy, bomber/murderer Timothy McVeigh and the “Son of Sam” are just a few of the MAJOR criminals caught in MINOR traffic stops.

Stops also take down drunk drivers…apparently that’s something Ted Wheeler doesn’t see as a serious threat to public safety.  I respectfully disagree.

On dozens of ride-alongs with police I’ve seen what the officer sees.  Most of the time you can’t even tell the driver’s skin color till the officer walks up to the window.

But if you want the silver lining, at least in Portland don’t worry about rolling stop signs, expired plates & tags and the like.

Portland’s woke police won’t touch you.

So a few killers and rapists and drug dealers go free.

It’s just the price of going PC on the PPB.