Pelosi’s decision to keep impeachment out of reach from the Senate should concern Trump haters

Welcome to the New Year.  Maybe this year we find out if President Trump has actually been impeached. Oh, you heard from the news he HAD been impeached?  Nope. You see, the U.S. Constitution says the House of Representatives has the sole power of impeachment. And Nancy Pelosi announced last year, after the vote, that Donald Trump had been impeached.  Then, the constitution says “the Senate shall have sole power to try ALL impeachments”. Somehow Pelosi, who along with the rest of Congress, won’t even be back to work till next Monday, claims she can hold onto the impeachment…and control it…perhaps for months…holding it over the President’s head and out of the reach of the Senate.  I disagree. If Donald Trump has been impeached, then the Senate can have a quick trial and vote to acquit him. If Pelosi claims the Senate can’t try him yet…then he hasn’t been impeached. Simple as that. Fortunately, the geniuses who founded this country and wrote the Constitution anticipated political hacks like Pelosi. Now, it’s time for Mitch McConnell in the Senate to call her bluff and tell San Fran Nan to fish or cut bait. Till then, trumps not impeached…

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