Oregon’s Governor Lets Rapist Go Free Because He’s Too Much Hassle

When a man accused of sexual crimes against a teenage girl is finally caught in Florida, you’d think Governor Tina Kotek would immediately demand his return to face justice.

And you’d be wrong, at least till Kotek saw bad publicity coming at her.

Florida picked up Juan Jose-Sebastian for driving with no license.  Then they found out he was in America illegally.  They offered up the Guatemalan to federal immigration officials.  After all, a court ordered him deported 5 years ago.

ICE declined to take him because an accused child rapist, quote, “did not meet current enforcement priorities”, at least under Open Borders Joe Biden.

You can understand why Governor Ron DeSantis wasn’t enthusiastic about putting this creep back on the streets of Florida.

So, he offered up Jose-Sebastian to Oregon…which declined.

And then the story went public last week.  At that point, Washington County DA Kevin Barton says it only took ten minutes for Sanctuary State Governor Tina Kotek to okay extradition.  

You see, legally, extradition is the Governor’s decision.  And whether DAs like it or not, Kotek opposes dragging accused criminals back for trial on minor offenses…like the C felony of statutory rape of a child.

Just remember, Oregon.  You voted for Kotek and her pro illegal alien, pro criminal policies…and elections have consequences…sometimes for little girls.