Oregon Food Bank Says Sorry Timmy, You’re Too White To Eat Today

Should your skin color matter when it comes to food?

I don’t think so, but apparently the Oregon Food Bank plans to prioritize its multi-million dollar, largely taxpayer-funded efforts on race and gender.

The Food Bank’s own website blathers on about the usual “woke” stuff: “…those who most disproportionately experience hunger… Black, Indigenous and all People of Color, immigrants and refugees, gender expansive folks (including Two-Spirit).

Who knew?  The Food Bank apparently figures if you’re white, straight and hungry in Oregon, you should sit down to a big fat plate of privilege. 

20 million dollars from taxpayers of all colors, genders and pronouns goes to fund this nonsense.

Food Bank CEO Susannah Morgan doesn’t let HER white skin get in the way of cashing in…she pulls down 200-thousand bucks a year for running a non-profit charity.

I hate to get technical, but Article 1 Section 20 of the Oregon constitution forbids treating citizens differently under the law.

If you look for this story in Northwest media, you won’t find it.  

I’ll credit Abigail Anthony from National Review for digging it out. 

The daily dead fishwrapper, OregonLive, would rather remind you of Oregon’s racist distant past than point out what’s going on, right now, under their own noses.