Oregon Overdoses On Idiotic Solutions With Narcan

The current push to make Narcan more available seems like a sign the Northwest is giving up on fentanyl, which kills nearly two thousand people a week in America.  

Let me make the case.

It’s not surprising that Oregon opioid deaths went from about 20 a month three years ago, to 40 a month in 2020, and more than 60 a month last year. 

Oregon voters effectively legalized possession of hard drugs, including fentanyl, just 18 months ago.  

The mostly China made drug enters the U.S. through America’s Southern border, thrown wide open by Joe Biden. 

Two weeks ago, cops caught two drug mules headed for the Pacific Northwest with 150-thousand fentanyl pills.  

Street price for this party drug that’s killing so many?  Five bucks.  

Are you surprised that a lot of people are trying it…and dying from it?

Oregon’s answer…Narcan.  

If it’s close.  If it gets used.  And if you get immediate medical help.

Narcan reverses overdoses…for less than an hour…but  if you don’t get medical help you just OD all over again. .

How about telling parents and their kids “this stuff can kill you”?  

Nah, that would sound too Nancy Reagan.  

Just buy more narcan…and better pick up some body bags while you’re at it.