Oregon Gambles With The Lives Of Kids And Loses

Oregon Democrats made a deal with the Devil.

It sounds like a script for a low budget horror flick.

A big pile of campaign contributions to keep you in office…but in exchange, you have to agree to a big pile of dead constituents.  

That includes children.

3 years ago, voters passed Measure 1-10 to legalize hard drugs.

The evil billionaire George Soros, through his East Coast Drug Policy Alliance funded the Oregon ballot measure with millions.  

Opposition in Oregon only raised a tenth of that.  

The money worked. Voters said yes.  

That legalization produced the biggest increase in Fentanyl overdose deaths in all of America. 

Deaths up 1-thousand 5-hundred percent since 2019.

Today, with a drug devastated state around them, polls say two-thirds of voters would reverse that…but another ballot measure would take years.

The legislature could act quickly but it’s controlled by Democrats.  They know if they cancel the Soros drug experiment, the one using Oregonians as the lab rats, they stand to lose big-time donors that keep them in office.

So, it’s a choice…stacks of body bags or stacks of campaign cash.

Three guesses which one Oregon Democrat lawmakers will pick…because they’re making that choice at this moment, down in Salem.