OHA Director Lies To Her Staff, Why Shouldn’t We Expect OHA To Lie To Oregonians?

I never get tired of calling out the lies of government agencies like the Oregon Health Authority.  And, I’ll name names.  

3 weeks ago OHA director of public health, Cara Biddlecom, sent an email to her staff blaming the death of an Oklahoma teenager on anti-transgender violence.  

Joe Biden joined the chorus.  So did Nancy Pelosi. 

It fits their progressive political agenda but it’s a lie.

Now we know more.

Dagny Benedict didn’t die from a beating in a school bathroom, as Biddlecom claims. She died from suicide. 

Here are a couple of other facts about a girl who sometimes told people she was non binary.  Facts that might explain why she didn’t want ANY gender, but I warn you it’s ugly. 

Her father anally raped her at age 9 five years ago.  

He pleaded guilty to the crime and got five years. 

He walked out of prison January 25th. Two weeks later his daughter Dagny got in a fight at school…and a day later she took her own life. She was just 16.

I can connect those dots.  

Can we demand that liberal politicians stop abusing her death to push their trans agenda. 

Maybe we can just make the death penalty available for child rapists, like Florida did a year ago. Put that on the ballot and see what the voters say.