NW Government Plays Yo-Yo With Their Covid Rules

Northwest Governors want to find the most draconian measures to meet the challenge of the Delta Covid.

Only six U.S. States have mask mandates.  Yesterday, Oregon’s Kate Brown announced her new mandate.  You must wear a mask…


And outdoors in public places where you’re around other people.

And they apply even if you took the vaccine.

The New York Times estimates outdoor transmission causes 1% of all cases.

The CDC says it may be as high as 10%.  In either case, it seems the place most people catch the illness is in their home, where Brown’s new rules don’t apply.

They also don’t apply to competitive sports, to children under five, and of course, they don’t apply to the homeless. If you haven’t noticed, rules never apply to the homeless.

So while we commoners watch elites like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama holding parties and fundraisers without masks…Kate Brown and Jay Inslee insist the rules only apply to the little people.

Meanwhile…they tell us to get vaccinated…even though we’re now finding out

15 to 20% of covid cases in Oregon involve the vaccinated

Israel is 80% vaxxed and they’re in the middle of a huge surge right now

The shot wears off over time…so you may have to get jabbed again

It doesn’t work very well against Delta

But do what we tell you, and strap on that mask.