NW Government Ignores The Rules When It Comes To Homeless, But Happy To Burn You

The Northwest marked its first homeless camp fire deaths yesterday (Monday).  A man and a woman were found burned up at a Seattle shanty town.

Last week, a 76 year old woman went to the hospital with severe burns after a homeless camp fire in Eugene.

I asked the Oregon State Fire Marshal if SHE would act to enforce the fire codes in these camps.

Marianna Ruiz Temple’s answer:  It’s up to the cities and counties.

The Seattle deaths came in a structure built from pallet wood and tarps.

Pallet wood? You look hard at it and it catches fire.

It sent flames 50 feet in the air before spreading to brush and trees.

So, here’s the challenge I’ll lay down.

Thousands of people in this region live in these camps.  Cities have refused to shut them down, even set aside special areas and encouraged it.

City, County and state laws forbid letting people live in dangerous structures.

Officials possess “red tag” authority to stop it.

All of them just shrug their shoulders and say “not my job”.

Almost all of you listening to this, right now, live in a conventional home of some kind that’s fire code regulated…and the rules are strictly enforced on YOU.

The elected elites claim they have compassion for those camped out on concrete.

But it seems they’re willing to let some of them die in a fire, rather than make a politically tough call.  Better get the body bags ready: it’s gonna be a long summer