Northwest Leaders Should Pick Up A Bible

Maybe Kate Brown and Jay Inslee should pick up a bible occasionally.

Proverbs says “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind”

Last month, both Governors laid down an ultimatum for tens of thousands of state workers: Take the Covid jab or lose your job: deadline October 18th.

But citizens of a freedom-loving country don’t take ultimatums lightly.

This week, Kate & Jay realized their own actions were about to gut essential workers from critical jobs. On Monday Jay Inslee begged the White House for more than a thousand health care workers…to replace the doctors and nurses he blew out with his mandates.

Imagine both states with crippled state agencies, hobbled hospitals, and worker unions on the warpath

So, yesterday, Kate Brown blinked…she pushed the deadline of October 18th past Thanksgiving.  That’s ahead fake.  She’s giving up the vaccination mandate but can’t afford to admit it politically…so she’s buying time.

Fact is, essential workers like cops and firefighters, and paramedics are willing to forfeit their jobs to preserve their body sovereignty…they ain’t gonna change their minds in six weeks.

I predict Jay Inslee does the same this week…and just this morning, King County folded…moving its mandate back to December 2.

Both Brown and Inslee have badly mismanaged the last 18 months and citizens see it…and they’ve had quite enough of Queen Kate and King Jay