Nearly Everyone Is Working, But Kate Doesn’t Want Them To Have To Pay Their Bills

For the better part of two years, democrat governors Kate Brown and Jay Inslee have claimed the dictatorial powers of royalty.

But Now, Queen Kate has summoned the people’s representatives into a special session of the legislature.

But not to rein in the reign of the Brownshirts.

She’s worried about thousands of renters who face eviction because they’re not paying the rent.

Oregon has an unemployment rate of 4.3 percent which is fantastically low.  The state lists tens of thousands of jobs available for those who choose to work.

Over the last 18 months, state and federal governments have shoveled out billions in extended unemployment, extra payments of thousands of dollars a month for a time to those without jobs, stimmie checks, and kid care checks.

The state has already spent almost 300-million in rental assistance and a small percentage of tenants have skipped out on nearly a year and a half of rent payments

And now she wants a hundred million more. 

Ronald Reagan always said the best social program in the world is a job.

I want to suggest that in a state with almost 100-thousand available jobs and wages at historic highs…if you can’t find a job you never will.  And if Queen Kate keeps shoveling out free cash, why should you?