Montana’s Governor Can’t Decide Where He Stands On Trans Kids

Parents, here’s a warning: if you don’t go with the woke notions from the left, you stand to lose your kids, literally.

Both Washington and Oregon have signed off on laws that allow children not mature enough to drink, smoke or pierce their ears to seek irreversible medical mutilation.

Doctors and hospitals like OHSU see the literally billions of dollars attached to so-called “gender affirming” care…and they’ve decided under-age teens can give informed consent to irreversible chemical castration. 

Who knew?

Now, from Montana, comes a perfect illustration.

A 14 year old girl…who calls herself a boy, threatened suicide to get the attention of state busybodies.  She told doctors she wanted to be made male.  

Not surprisingly, her father and step mother didn’t approve.

State officials decided her parents were dangerous and packed the girl off to a gender clinic in another state.

Just last year, Montana’s legislature passed a law banning transgender medical meddling and Governor Greg Gianforte signed it.

But now, the alleged republican Governor now supports kidnapping the girl.  

State officials warn parents likely won’t get her back unless they endorse the changes this child demands.