Let’s Worry About Our Own Homeless and Jobless Before We Spend A Fortune On Everyone Else’s

Could we please fix the problems of America’s Veterans living on the streets and dying of suicide before we spend one dime on phony asylum seekers?

I’m sick of hearing complaints from illegal aliens put up in Northwest hotels at taxpayer expense, who claim they were promised better freebies in America.

80 of them, holed up in a hotel near Portland airport complain that no one’s stepping up to pay their bills.  

A couple hundred have free housing at the Kent, Washington Quality Inn.

Most of these folks who show up at America’s Southern border have been coached by NGOs to claim asylum.

For most, that’s a lie but in Joe Biden’s America, it gets you in.  

Last year America’s immigration courts rejected 86% of asylum claims.  

But the average time for the courts to do that is now 4-6 years, and in the meantime, they’re living here on your dime.

Most didn’t flee FROM persecution, which U.S. law requires for asylum.

Most fled TO a better lifestyle in America.

Congress wrote asylum laws that way for a reason. 

The law also says that when you flee persecution in one country, you must stop and claim asylum in the first safe country you come to…not the one with the best economic prospects.  

I count at least five countries between Venezuela and the U.S.   

It says asylum seekers must be fleeing persecution.  

It did not say “if you live in a crappy country with crime and violence and tiny paychecks, come on up”.  

If we made that the law, we’d have half of planet Earth qualified for legal status. 

So, while the soft-hearted progressives who run Oregon and Washington waste tax money on phony asylees, we still have American veterans…citizens who actually served this country…living on the streets.