Latina Booted From District While Dems Say Its Great For Democracy

We all know the democrat game.  

Most days, members of the party of slavery lecture us on their mythology that the white male patriarchy works against women and people of color.

So, what should we make of Washington State democrats celebrating the ouster of a lady Latina from her legislative district …the one that elected her less than two years ago?

 And the man who did the deed…a white man in Seattle…a federal Judge so he doesn’t have to worry about answering to voters.

Yet, Democrats call it, quote, “A great day for democracy”.

Oh, did I forget to mention Senator Nikki Torres…the first Lady Latina Senator from Central Washington…is a Republican.

Redrawing legislative districts wrote her right out of the same district that just elected her in 2022.

I’m sure it’s pure coincidence that redistricting also ousted other Republicans.

The Democrat party applauds Federal Judge Robert Lasnik for fixing what it calls “system racism”…you know, the kind that discriminates against Latinos by drawing Senator Torres right off the map.

She must either relocate in 2 years, or she’s out.   

I’m not sure voters of the 15th legislative district would agree that removing their Republican choice is the best way to protect their voting rights.