Lars Thoughts – Trump Makes Our Economy Great Again, And Shows Us Why He Deserves The White House

Politicians know, it’s the economy stupid.

In that case, Donald Trump should handily beat China Biden on Tuesday.

While the pandemic put tens of millions out of work, President Trump promised a strong recovery.

This morning, we can see it.  

GDP, the total output of all goods and services, grew at an annual rate of 33%.  

That’s the fastest growth in American history.  

New filings for unemployment dropped by 40-thousand…more than expected.

Last month alone, 3 million Americans went back to work.

So, voters have a choice.  A President who created the lowest unemployment rates for all Americans…black, hispanic, women, teens.

When a pandemic crushed the economy, low taxes and regulations bring back a great economy.

Or…voters could choose Joe Biden…vice president during the most sluggish recovery since the depression during 8 years of Obama.  A candidate who promises voters he will cut the tax cuts they already have, impose new regulations that kill jobs, raise 4 trillion dollars in NEW taxes and grow the government…while shrinking liberty.

    Oh, but it will help China…who, it seems, bought Joe Biden a long time ago.