Lars Thoughts – Riots and Assaults Are Just A Political Tool For Democrat Politicians

Almost four years of Ted Wheeler demonstrates the Mayor won’t find a place in the list of great leaders of American cities.  Still, if you had told me 70 days ago that Wheeler would let the violence and arson and attacks on police go on this long…I’d have called you crazy.

    Sadly, that’s where we sit today.  More arrests last night, and Saturday and every other night for the past weeks.

     Attempted murder of cops…That’s what I call it when a criminal sets a building on fire when there are people inside.  I don’t care what kind of political message you wrap it up in. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Defund police…I think even the TV news anchors get tired of calling it “mostly peaceful” when folks end up in the hospital.

    I just want to remind you…this is about politics, both local and national.

    The Mayor of Portland, who once wished out loud his term in office was over…now apparently wants another 4 years to wreak his destruction on the Rose City

    But he can’t beat self declared “Antifa Mayor” candidate Sarah Inarrone…unless he displays anti cop attitudes equal to hers

   And the Democrats?  The party of slavery and bigotry, axe handles and fire hoses?

Their Demented Deleware nominee can’t compete with President Trump in a square election…so they think chaos in the streets will win the day

   Voters are smarter than that.