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Lars Thoughts: Nothing justifies the killing in police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis

Let’s be clear.  Nothing justifies the killing in police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  And nothing justifies the riots, arson, violence…even a death, that have happened in the days following Floyd’s death.  Nothing.  Minneapolis police appear to have bad city leadership and some bad cops. Four cops take a single subject into custody…and video shows a compliant George Floyd…followed by video of one cop with his knee on Floyd’s neck while another stands by watching.  The city quickly fired the four cops.  Began an investigation.  The state of Minnesota is investigating and so is the Trump Justice Department.  The fired officers now face possible criminal charges. In four short days.  For the government, that’s warp speed. Everything one could ask when a man is killed without legal cause. So, what do protestors want?  Riots.  Arson. Looting of local stores. Last night burning a police precinct. General chaos and reports that law abiding citizens have fled that part of the city.  And now protests in other cities.  It’s one thing to protest when the system won’t change.  It’s entirely another thing when you riot for the sake of riot…and maybe some free stuff from the local target store.


-Lars Larson

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