Lars Thoughts – I’ve Had Enough Of The Northwest’s “Interesting Times”

Robert F Kennedy once mentioned the Chinese Curse, “may you live in interesting times”.

Well, we seem to be there.

Portland has an autonomous zone of its own around the infamous “Red House” on North Mississippi avenue…and so far, cheese eating surrender monkey tactics by Feckless Ted Wheeler hasn’t been able to make it go away.

The indigenous people of color who lived in the house, and mortgaged it, and spent the money and then refused to pay the bill…It seems the Kinney family will be laughing all the way to the bank with more than 300-thousand dollars in GoFundMe cash

Seattle has a second autonomous zone in Cal Young park on infamous capitol Hill and it remains to be seen whether city officials have the guts to clear it out…but folks who live in the neighborhood are afraid to even venture to their neighborhood park

Governor Kate Brown announces she has called a special session of Oregon Lawmakers on Monday…but it’s not to finally ask the people’s representatives to legalize her authoritarian lockdown…but to spend hundreds of millions of dollars the state doesn’t have

Climate Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington renews his carbon tax nonsense, hoping the third time’s the charm.

Yes, truly these have become interesting times…and we will all pay the cost