Lars Thoughts – It’s Time Ted Wheeler Get His Pink Slip

The time has come for Portland’s Mayor to submit his resignation.

The job demands more than Ted Wheeler has to offer…and Wheeler himself offered proof of that last night.

On the 90th straight night of riots, Wheeler admitted to reporters he hasnt done enough.  NO KIDDING

President Trump says Portland is in chaos.  Wheeler denies it.

Mayor Wheeler acts like Baghdad Bob…”Nothing to see here folks.  Just a little peaceful protesting.  Move along”

Then he throws Portland’s embattled police under the bus by declaring, quote, “police violence” is not the way to solve the problem.  This guy has no respect for the cops he commands

I think cops should get a bad case of the blue flu and especially the personal protective detail that surrounds Wheeler anytime he ventures out.

The job is simple.

Enforce the laws on the books

Demand that the new snowflake District Attorney actually prosecute crimes

Back your cops…

Protect your city

   It ain’t rocket science.  And Ted…do what I suggested two months ago.  If you want a peaceful protest, end it as darkness falls…any thugs involved in mayhem AFTER dark gets zip cuffs and a ride to jail.