Lars Thoughts – It’s The Biggest Story Of The Election That Democrats Pretend Doesn’t Exist

For four years we’ve listened to Russian conspiracy theories about Donald Trump. FBI investigation, special counsel investigation, congressional investigation all found nothing.

     Now we hear information about multi million dollar foreign business deals cut by the son of Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden…based only on his father’s status at the time as Vice President.

     Influence peddling.

Most of the major media have avoided the story.

They don’t want you to know…especially less than a week from the election.

    Last night, the former business partner of Hunter Biden offered proof and personal testimony about Joe Biden’s direct involvement in these deals with China and other countries.

Tony Bobulinski seems like a great witness…a Navy Vet, wealthy, and a history of only donating to Democrats.

The major media remains in full denial mode.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along to the polls.

Double standard anybody?

See more of the story, and video HERE