Lars Thoughts – Internet Trolls Aren’t The Real America We Are Better Than That

My first thought late last night when I heard the news that President Trump and the first lady have the China Virus was: a prayer, and hopes for their speedy recovery.

Then I thought:  I expect the social media trolls to show up…and sure enough, they did last night.  People hoping for the worst for this President.

That’s not how conservatives and people of faith behave and it’s shameful.

But I shouldn’t be surprised.

This is a great time for Americans to remember who we are and what we do in times of adversity: we support our fellow citizens and wish them well no matter what our political disagreements.

Our President is ill, but he’s a 74 year old man in good health…never smoked, never drank alcohol, and in my personal experience…he’s a bit germophobic…the last time i interviewed the President in Person and handed him a headset, he wanted to know who had been wearing it last.

In these days of China Virus that’s an asset.

The odds say a man like that, and his wife are statistically likely to come through this without problems.

For the Trolls out there, shame on you.

And for those of us on social media, just remember the loudest and most obnoxious voices you see there don’t truly represent the people of this great country