Lars Thoughts – I just wish the democrats aimed to immunize instead of politicize and vaccinate rather than vacillate

After we caught Oregon Governor Kate Brown hiding information on coronavirus monitoring three weeks ago…she promised transparency.  Now the state says it can’t meet the new testing guidelines from CDC. So, you only get tested in the hospital. That means the sick medical worker who wants testing but tells me he can’t get it cause he’s not sick ENOUGH is out of luck.  It means the restaurant waitress whose boyfriend reached out to me won’t get tested. She’s sick too. Maybe every plate she sets down comes with a side of corona. Coronavirus doesn’t make every victim deathly ill…some folks experience a mild illness. Do you think it might help stop the spread if people knew what they had. Is it a cold or a life threatening illness? It’s not exactly reassuring when the Daily Dead Fishwrapper says this morning, “no updated coronavirus test results because of administrative difficulties.” Do you suppose Governor Brown will tell us what that’s all about? So far, for the most part, Corona is the Blue State Flu breaking out in states run by democrats who seem to care more about blaming Trump than fixing the problem. When the vice president reached out to Governor Jay Inslee, Inslee went to his Democrat Party Talking points on climate: suggesting President Trump didn’t care about science.  All I know is President Trump slapped on quick travel restrictions more than a month ago…which his opponents suggested were xenophobic and racist. Vice President Pence is such a classy guy, he came out to Washington State anyway…yesterday…to coronavirus ground zero. I just wish the democrats aimed to immunize instead of politicize…and vaccinate rather than vacillate.


-Lars Larson

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