Lars Thoughts – How Does Portland Show Its Solidarity With The Rioters Today? A Shiny New Coat Of Graffiti For City Hall

I admit it; Government makes me mad on a regular basis. But I’ve never been inclined to take a sledge hammer to public property.  Today, I’m tempted.  Mayor “tear gas” Teddy Wheeler has actually INVITED looters and vandals to have their way with city hall.  You think I’m joking or exaggerating?

Not a chance.

Yesterday, we saw workers spending a lot of taxpayer dough putting up a plywood wall around city hall specifically to protect it from expensive graffiti.  Then having spent the money, today, they tear it down and invite rioters to do more damage.  Tom Rinehart, who runs the money side of city hall explains in a press release, “the plywood was intended to protect iconic buildings.  But we need to put our relationship with the community first.

We need to hear our community’s demands for racial justice, even when those demands take the form of spray paint”.  Okey Dokey.  Now, the mob in the street drives public policy.  You should remember that at election time when these jokers ask you for more taxes.

Better yet, forget your ballot.  In this new form of representative government he who does the most damage wins.  If I didn’t have a radio show to do today, I could be down at 1200 5th avenue with a rattle can of blue spray putting up a few slogans of my own