Kotek Proves She’s A Democrat By Refusing To Hold Fagan Accountable

Governor Tina Kotek’s refusal to seek a criminal investigation of resigning Secretary of State Shemia Fagan should shock us.

Lots of us bear the burden of regulation by state agencies.

But weed retailer La Mota’s owners paid tens of thousands of dollars to democrat political campaigns in Oregon to buy special access.

They practically OWNED Shemia Fagan, paying her personally 60% cash more every month than she made from her elected position.

And Fagan delivered.  

Willamette Week’s Sophie Peel documents this morning how Fagan provided La Mota with information to let the regulated business influence an audit of the agency that regulates the business.

Imagine the kind of advantage any business gets if it changes regulations, on the sly, for a bit of graft in the pocket of a state official.

Sure sounds criminal to me. 

But Governor Kotek, who also got campaign cash from La Mota, ain’t sending this one to the DA for investigation and prosecution.

Kotek sent it to tried and true fellow Democrat Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum…who has no power to bring criminal charges.

Folks, you’re watching any clean government Oregon still has, go up in the puff of the magic dragon.