Joe Biden’s Bargain Basement Presidency, Is About As Low As It Gets

If you thought electing a candidate who ran for President from his basement was a great idea, consider where we stand today.

President Joe Biden has a dozen different crises and no clue how to fix them…at least in part because he created most of them.

12-thousand Haitian illegal aliens camped under a freeway bridge between Mexico and Texas…and taxpayers must fly them home

America’s exit from Afghanistan turned into a terrible tragedy with fourteen killed in our military and Americans still stuck on the ground in Kabul today.

Inflation has been ramping up battering Americans here at home.

And remember the rap on Trump…that he ruined America’s reputation with our friends around the world?  Well, Joe Biden managed to tick off the French last week by cutting them out of a big nuclear sub deal with no warning.

Oh, and Joe dropped Predator drone missiles on a target in Afghanistan. We heard the White House boast it took out two high value terrorists.  Only now it turns out what got blown up was an aide worker, his family and seven little kids.

Joe’s agenda on Capitol hill…trillions in new spending and trillions in new taxes to pay for it…seems to have stalled on capitol hill

And Joe’s approval ratings are now in the basement…right back where Joe started.