Joe Biden Once Again Ignores The Constitution

Is anyone else as sick as I am of Joe Biden violating the law and the Constitution to push his agenda?

The latest example:  Yesterday, America’s hapless chief executive told reporters he believes he has a right to boost the country’s borrowing authority…without Congress…by invoking the 14th Amendment.

Biden’s wrong about that, of course.   

Joe and his Democrat co-conspirators quote that Amendment “The validity of the public debt of the United States…shall not be questioned.”

It does say that, but Joe leaves out the critical phrase “Authorized by law.”

Congress must pass the law first.    

All Republicans in the House ask is that if America wants to borrow more…the government must agree to spend less.  

Nothing more or less than you’d demand of a family member deep in debt…”If I bail you out, you gotta change your spending.”

For more than 100 days, Biden has flatly refused to negotiate.

That created the current crisis…pushing America to a deadline.

Now Joe claims that if his dithering on debt pushes us to default, he’s blameless.

I say “clueless” fits him better.